No. The test involves walking on the treadmill which will increase speed and slope every 3 minutes. However if you undertake regular athletic training your high fitness level may involve jogging towards the end of the test.

Wear comfortable two piece, loose clothing and comfortable non-heeled shoes which allow you to walk briskly.

The full costs of the tests are covered by medicare (bulk-billed) this includes the report sent to your GP.

We recommend that you have someone drive you to do the test if you have had heart trouble in the past, are feeling unwell, or if you do not exercise on a regular basis.

Betablocker medication may need to be stopped up to two days before the test. Check with your doctor about what medicines you should take the day of your test or contact our Clinic to speak with our staff.

Yes, please bring with you for test.

Yes, follow your normal regime prior to the test. NOTE: Do not take your diabetes medication and skip a meal before the test.

Follow your usual routine however try to make your appointment mid morning or mid afternoon, this is to ensure that you have had a light meal 3-4 hours before the test. NOTE: If you own a glucose monitor, bring it with you to check your blood sugar levels before and after your test.

Our equipment does have weight restrictions. The maximum weight limit for the Stress Test is 140kg; and 180kg for the Echocardiogram. Please advise the Receptionist of your weight when making your appointment.

Avoid drinking alcohol 24 hours prior to test; smoking 12 hours before and avoid caffeine beverages/drinks the morning prior to test.

You will receive feedback regarding the result of your test when you have completed the test. The written report from the Cardiologist will be sent to your local doctor the same day.

The risk of heart attack is rare and is less than 1%. Your are closely monitored by emergency trained experienced staff who will halt the test should there be any concern of an adverse outcome.

Yes you will need a referral from your local doctor to undergo any of our diagnostic tests (echo, stress echo, exercise stress test).

Yes, however you will need a referral from your local doctor before making an appointment with Dr Mylabathula.

Dr Mylabathula attends to patients at the Maitland Public Hospital, Newcastle Private Hospital and Maitland Private Hospital.

You can make an appointment at either our East Maitland clinic or the Scone clinic (once a month).

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